Grocery Tech Industry Welcomes Veeve to the Seattle Scene


Two former Amazon employees, Shariq Siddiqui and Umer Sadiq, recently teamed up with former Google computer vision scientist Faisal Shifayat to introduce Veeve, a new tech-driven grocery cart technology system that could change the face of brick-and-mortar grocery stores. As GeekWire outlines, the entrepreneurs saw the power of the technology Amazon implemented in its “Go” stores and wanted to find a way to implement the technology in larger format stores.

Veeve’s technology, which is launching in a Seattle-based grocer and could also soon expand to Dubai, allows a customer to grab a smart cart, scan a QR code, and seamlessly track purchases through the shopping journey. The cart includes a built-in scale, cameras and weight sensors, and is hardwired with a barcode scanner as a backup. Features also include the ability to place product orders online if an item is out of stock, the ability to easily alert a sales associate for assistance, and a comprehensive security system to prevent theft. Once a shopper has gathered all of their items, it’s as simple as swiping their credit card and they’re free to walk out of the store.

As Siddiqui tells GeekWire, the Amazon Go format “may work for convenience store strategy, but it just won’t scale for large stores, especially where the ceiling is so high and the square footage is massive. The cart solution works way better — the cost is way lower.”

Amazon Go stores are growing at a slower rate than originally planned, but the company has invested in the larger store format, as permits revealed a forthcoming 10,000+ square feet of space planned on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. To be sure, the U.S. grocery market is valued at $800 billion and now is the time for companies to vie for market share by exploring technology.

Amazon Go: The Future in Grocery Shopping

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