Microsoft Makes Progress on Multi-Billion-Dollar Renovation


Microsoft has undertaken a multi-billion-dollar renovation of their Redmond headquarters, which will add another 2.5 million square feet of office space to the campus and easily accommodate 8,000 more employees. The project broke ground in January 2019 and it’s ambitious. Puget Sound Business Journal says, “the upgraded campus will include a two-acre plaza with room for 8,000 to 12,000 people for meetings and events, soccer and cricket fields, an underground ‘smart’ parking facility and a pedestrian and cyclist bridge over Highway 520 connecting the company’s East and West Redmond campuses.”

Prior to construction, Microsoft made some hefty real estate purchases to make this possible, including the $6.2 million site of their engineering lab and the Daytona Laguna office complex, which had a $250 million price tag. Microsoft currently estimates that at least one of the project’s buildings will be ready for occupancy in 2022.

Though they have not made an official announcement of the comprehensive price of the project, Brad Smith, president of Microsoft said, “obviously it’s more than a billion dollars.”