Zillow Presents the Customer Service Award (Badge)

Best of Zillow.jpg

Back in March, I announced that Zillow had awarded me with the “Best of Zillow” Award (Badge), an achievement given only to those with a customer service score of 90% and above on Zillow and Trulia; I’m in the top 2%. Earlier this month, I was thrilled that Zillow presented me with the award in-person, which was not expected. Unbeknownst to me, this uneventful scheduled meeting would become an event that was published by Inman News on Instagram. I was one of only three agents that were personally given the award. Several days later Zillow shipped out awards to the Zillow Premiere Agents that were rated in the top 10%. At any one time, there are approximately 3,000 agents recognized with this Best of Zillow Badge out of the tens of thousands of Zillow Premier Agents.

Zillow is becoming a resource for the best talent and agents that do not meet minimum requirements will not be able to partner with the platform.

This award presentation came shortly after Zillow unveiled a comprehensive rebranding campaign, including a refreshed logo and new website design, and the addition of the word “Zillow” to the “Premier Agent” program.

Zillow has been implementing a new approach to their Zillow Premier Agent program, tracking consumer feedback to reward agents that are known for their exemplary customer service. As Greg Schwartz, president of media and marketplaces at Zillow Group said in a release, “we’re obsessed with giving home shoppers an exceptional, streamlined experience — and we know the very best, most successful agents are, too.”

The data-driven system is commandeered by an anonymous feedback system that surveys clients 24 hours after initial contact with the agent, then again two weeks later, and finally 45 days in, when a strong relationship has been established. Responses track metrics including communication style, responsiveness, trust and customer needs, among others. Agents that achieve a score of 90 or above are recognized with the “Best of Zillow” badge on the site. “Earning the badge means that an agent went ‘above and beyond’ for customers ‘throughout their home-shopping process,’ according to Susan Daimler, Zillow’s senior vice president over the program.”

The greatest measure of success is client satisfaction and I will always strive to improve my high level of service.

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