SOLD! 98 Union Penthouse

 98 Union Penthouse | 3BD/2.5BA/2CG with 2,181 sqft and 3 terraces

Congratulations to my Seller-Clients and Buyer-Clients!

  • 1/16: Seller accepts my listing proposal and strategy (after several discussions/negotiations) with $39,000 in listing preparations. I do not believe this condo would have sold for more than $2.050M without this preparation cost (investment) by the Seller, which is a $111,000 return on home improvement/staging investment. Nor would I be able to market their property to the global extent (largest buyer pool) that I did.

  • 1/16 - 2/23: Anticipating and preparing for problems and objections, research and due diligence, home inspection, HVAC serviced, meet Builder that has renovated other units at the building, visit City, preparing disclosure package [e.g. HOA details, air rights, zoning, height restrictions, new developments (Viaduct demo, Waterfront development) in proximity, etc].

  • 1/28: HOA accepts remodel application for interior improvements.

  • 1/30 - 2/15: Improvements and staging.

  • 2/16 - 2/22: $10,500 marketing investment (my direct cost). The 2 property films produced received over 100,000 views online, which excludes the thousands of views on Zillow,,, James Edition, Juwai (in China), Mansion Global, etc. Check-out behind the scenes footage from helicopter filming:

Visit for films.

  • 2/23: On the Market (bring flowers weekly to Mr. Building/Concierge Manager) 5 open houses in 23 days | +/-45 showings 
    Over 100K views online. *Only 7 broker showings and no interest🤯

  • 3/10: Meet Buyers at open house. They saw property film on social media and had no idea thy wanted a condo. "What do we do now?" I begin guiding them through the process by saying, "You need to see the market and tour as many condos as you can." I send them the disclosure package, which included, but was not limited to, comparable sales, renovation/upgrade value potential based on data, a referral for a builder that has renovated other condos at the building, introduce to Building/Concierge Manager...answer questions and objections....and questions...and concerns...and questions...

  • 3/16: Under Contract.

  • 🥂 4/16: A new chapter starts for the Buyers a day after their 27th wedding anniversary! They are so excited that they seem like teenagers pretending to be adults.😆Love it.