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How to Time the Market

I was recently holding an open house when a curious neighbor came into the home to check out the new improvements and ask about current market conditions. After showing her the home and added value/improvements made by the seller—and asking her to tell everyone she knew—I briefly explained that we are going through a market correction, which began in mid-May (like a light switch on May 10th), and touched on the probable causes. I went on to say that current market conditions seem to have stabilized: generally, sales have increased and inventory began decreasing around mid-October (I saw it October 18th). I summed it up quickly with, “I believe it’s a great time to buy.” She looked at me and said “yeah, but what would you say to your friend or a family member. How would you advise them?” I shrugged and smiled as I replied, “I just did.”

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Amazon’s Seattle Footprint is Now Large Enough to Fill Five Empire State Buildings

A recent CNBC article asks its readers, if they are wondering how Amazon will impact the city it chooses for its second headquarters, then “just take a look at its presence in the Seattle metropolitan area.” The Emerald City no doubt continues to feel the impact of tech companies within its thriving Silicon Forest, most notably with Amazon, whose footprint is now at nearly 14 million square feet, enough to fill five Empire State Buildings.

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