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Amazon’s Impact on its New HQ2 Cities & the Impact on Seattle

A flurry of news articles have come in the wake of the news that Amazon has officially selected two new HQ cities: one in Long Island City, New York, the other in Crystal City, Virginia. The question on many minds, is how the move will impact the new chosen cities and the company’s relationship to Seattle.

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Why Are Home Prices So High?

Mike Rosenberg of Seattle Times has launched “an occasional column that aims to take you deeper inside our housing market” by answering frequently asked reader questions that involve all things in Seattle real estate. He decided to kick things off with a question on many Washingtonians minds: “Why exactly are home prices skyrocketing so quickly here?”

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Seattle Office Rents Are Fastest Rising in the Nation

As Mike Rosenberg of Seattle Times reports, “it’s not just housing prices: Seattle is not the bargain it used to be for companies, either.” Though the Emerald City was historically a bargain compared to other larger cities, “the city’s recent boom driven by Amazon and other tech companies has propelled Seattle up the ranks of the nation’s most expensive places to rent an office, passing Chicago and Los Angeles just in the last three years.” During the three year period, Seattle office rents increased a staggering 31 percent, “about 2 ½ times faster than the national average.”

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