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Move over Millennials: Gen Z Enters the Housing Market

It seems that millennials have dominated much of the real estate conversation over the past few years, as their hesitancy to purchase following the economic downturn has gradually shifted toward leaps into homeownership. But now, Inman proclaims that it’s time for millennials to move over, as more and more buyers from Gen Z are emerging onto the market; and according to their estimates, “about 100,000 homebuyers in the current housing market were born after 1995.”

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Real Estate & the New Tax Reform Bill

Now that the Senate and House of Representatives have come to an agreement on tax reform, it’s time to look at how the bill will impact the nation, particularly for homeowners. As IPX 1031 writes, “the broad-based incentives for capital formation and investment should lift demand throughout the economy and allow real estate to continue its role as a principal driver of economic growth and job creation.”

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