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Seattle Tech in 2019

Seattle is a crucible of technological innovation. The intersection of computer/data science and biological/chemical sciences will lead to breakthrough in a number of industries, and the Emerald City will increasingly be known as a hub for these intersections of change. As we move into 2019, GeekWire polled six venture capitalists from the Pacific Northwest to offer their insight on what to expect in tech for 2019.

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In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Sybil Patrick says “the clues were there for months” yet she didn’t put them together: the locks to her vacant brownstone in Harlem had been changed and possessions were moved around with seemingly no explanation. Finally, she discovered that “the house had been sold, without her knowledge, about a year earlier for roughly $750,000.” Using documents available online, cyber criminals managed to steal Ms. Patrick’s identity and sell the home, an increasingly common crime, as there are now approximately 120 cases under investigation in New York alone.

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