Electric Planes are in the Puget Sound’s Future


Puget Sound Business Journal reports that the electric aerospace industry is growing, as local companies such as Magnix and Zunum Aero are “fighting to raise money and counter critics of emerging electric aviation technology, which could revolutionize short-haul aviation and revive regional air travel.” Experts estimate that there are roughly 100 worldwide companies developing electrically propelled aircraft and though many of the projects are in very early stages, “airline executives are lining up to buy them, lured by the promise of lower operating costs, bigger profits and much lower to zero emissions.”

JetSuite is among the first of Zunum’s customers, and has inked a deal for 100 12-seat regional aircraft with delivery anticipated for 2022. As JetSuite’s CEO, Alex Wilcox, tells PSBJ, “We believe there’s a hybrid and all-electric future in aviation within sight and we want to be part of the catalyst for that.”

To be sure, electric airplanes are set to have three major affects on the industry:

  1. Operating Costs: the estimated operating cost of an electrically propelled plane is 60 to 80 percent lower than a conventional aircraft.

  2. Faster Commutes: electric aircraft could help regional, community trips increase, with trip times that are much quicker than when traveling from an international airport such as SeaTac.

  3. Less Environmental Impact: with either low or zero emissions, electric planes could cut their pollution by as much as fifty percent.

Washington state lawmakers have shown early signs of support for this technology, as PSBJ says “they’re working to lay the groundwork that supports the emerging sector while preserving Washington state’s status as a global aerospace leader.”

PSBJ breaks down the major players, with their plane information, range and speeds, projected deliveries, pricing and more in the full article, available here.