5 Tips for Finding a Home in Seattle🌈💰

Whether you are a new Seattle-area resident or have lived in the city for years, choosing a neighborhood can be a tough. Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty recently put together a list of the top five things to consider when starting a home search in the Emerald City.


1. Every neighborhood in the city has a unique character and personality, so it’s key to understand what appeals to you—and what doesn’t—and to get a feel for the vibe both on the weekends and weeknights. Be sure to have a look at commute times and access to public transit if applicable. A great starting point is Visit Seattle’s “Neighborhood Guide”>>

2. When you get prequalified for a home loan you will have a concrete understanding of your price range. Once you’ve established what you’re willing to spend, it will be key to recognize that it is a rare occurrence that someone finds a home that is truly perfect. Often there are tradeoffs, but an experienced real estate broker will help “you find the best mix of home and location for your budget.”

3. Regardless of whether you have children, schools should be among your considerations when searching for a home. Because the quality of public schools does impact home prices, they can provide “better resale value and rentability.” A couple of places to begin are Great Schools and Seattle Public School websites, which provide ratings and information about trends, feedback from families, and more.

4. Educate yourself regarding new development (check-out Seattle In Progress) happening in a neighborhood and have a look at crime statistics.

5. Seattle is now seeing nearly 50 new residents daily, and with many new transit initiatives under construction, it will take time before traffic eases. And “in general, the closer you live to mass transit, including new light rail options, the shorter your commute” will be and your home will be more valuable.


These 5 Tips Originally Appeared in an Article for LinkedIn Pulse Written by John Madrid