Time-Lapse Captures Seattle's Impressive Growth

As a recent GeekWire feature proclaims, “here’s the 4-minute video you’ve been waiting for to illustrate why a 4-mile drive in Seattle takes 45 minutes.” The film in question? A time lapse recently created by Ricardo Martin Buralla, a VR/AR engineer with Google, who assembled 3 years’ worth of images taken by a webcam that was affixed to the top of the Space Needle. In all, the video is comprised of 2,166 panoramas (about 2 photos per day) that Buralla stabilized using code to create a cohesive piece.

Changes are most pronounced around the downtown core and South Lake Union neighborhood, where tech giants such as Amazon and Google have increased their footprint over the past few years. “Of course, the Needle cam can’t see everything thanks to hills and distance,” the article reads. “But suffice it to say, the down and up theme is a consistent one in neighborhoods across the city as growth continues.”

Want to know more about how the video was created and read Buralla’s take on Seattle’s changes? Read the full article here.