Zillow Says Seattle Will be 3rd Hottest Housing Market in 2018

According to a report released earlier this month by Zillow, the hottest housing markets for the coming year will be comprised of southeastern cities with strong job and population growth, and coastal tech hubs including Seattle and San Francisco. Though the nation continues to experience home value appreciation, with just over half of homes valued above the national housing boom's peak, Zillow says these markets have been "kept at a boil by healthy income growth, abundant job opportunities, and above-average housing appreciation." 

As the article outlines, North Carolina took the spotlight for two cities that "boast strong income and population growth," while tech hubs made their presence known in Seattle and California. The full top ten list includes "Nashville, Denver, and Austin - which have the lowest unemployment rates among large metros," amidst unprecedented population growth in Austin.

In order to compile their list, Zillow pulled data from the following sources: Zillow's Home Value & Rent Forecast, ACS one-year estimates of income and population growth, unemployment rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and job openings from Glassdoor.