LinkedIn Maps Out Where New Seattleites are Coming From

If you haven’t been flooded with headlines and articles linking Seattle to San Francisco, it’s possible you’re returning from a trek through the Andes or a stint living underground as this has been buzzworthy news for some time now. The Emerald City is growing by more than 1,000 new residents every week, pushing the total population past 700,000 this month, and the majority of these newcomers are from the Silicon Valley. To pinpoint exactly where all of these transplants are coming from, LinkedIn recently looked at hiring and employment trends of their users. The report concluded that “for every 10,000 people with a LinkedIn account in the Seattle area, approximately nine people came from the San Francisco Bay Area sometime in the last year.” Other popular cities losing residents to Seattle are New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.


Not in the tech field? You may be in luck! According to GeekWire, “the scarcest skills in Seattle, in which employers don’t have as many qualified people to choose from include: healthcare management, teaching, sales, accounting and finance.” Oversupplied skills are ones you may expect like programming and software development. The constant influx of newcomers has caused some Seattelites to consider starting fresh in a new city of their own. The most popular destination for getting out of town? Boise, Idaho.

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