Record Breaking Construction in Downtown Seattle

The Downtown Seattle Association has recently announced that there are a record number of buildings under construction in the downtown core, at least since they started keeping track in 2005, with a total of 68 projects. According to a recent Seattle Times article, the number of buildings under construction has nearly doubled since the end of 2015. The sheer amount of construction within our cityscape is punctuated by the fact that Seattle currently has the highest number of construction cranes dotting the skyline in the nation. 

Seattle in Progress was developed by former Facebook software engineer Ethan Phelps-Goodman, who set out to create a resource to map and detail each current, proposed, and completed construction project within the city. According to a Geekwire interview with Phelps-Goodman, the project was started in order to increase civic participation and build a community around urban development issues. 

To learn more about Seattle in Progress, please visit: Geekwire | ‘Seattle in Progress’ app maps the city’s future, using permit filings and design proposals

With Seattle increasingly becoming a global city and record breaking levels of construction taking place, it is exciting to see our cityscape evolve but it is also important to examine the changing dynamics within our city in terms of urban planning.  

To read the full article, please visit: The Seattle Times | Record construction frenzy sweeps downtown Seattle; more building to come

Aaron FreemanComment