Is Seattle the Boating Capital of the World?

Great American Country writer Lauren Vane notes that Seattle has always had deep rooted maritime traditions; “From the beginning, Seattle was an international seaport, shuttling goods to Canada, Europe and the eastern coast of the United States”. These traditions are still prevalent today when; during the summer, Seattle’s Lake Union sees a surge of boaters coming out onto the water to enjoy the gorgeous weather in the Pacific Northwest. Many estimate that Seattle has the most pleasure boats per capita than any other city in the country.

“We consider this the boating capital of the world,” said Mike McQuaid, spokesman for the Lake Union Boats Afloat Show. According to Great American Country, Seattleites have three main reasons for heading out onto the water.

For Transportation

In the 1850s, a ferry system started in the Pacific Northwest to transport people around the area’s lakes and islands. Today, passenger and car ferries transport people all over the Puget sound and have become Seattle icons, says Vane.

For Pleasure

Seattle is the perfect place for boating as the city is surrounded by water, there are fantastic areas to explore by water, and fair winds in the spring and fall make for great sailing.

For Housing

Seattle’s Lake Union is home to approximately 500 floating homes which line its shores. According to Great American Country; “Seattle’s houseboat community was made famous in the movie, Sleepless in Seattle. Actor Tom Hanks’ character lived on a Lake Union houseboat. That same houseboat recently went for sale for $2.5 million.”

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