I’d be happy to help provide you or someone you know the proper guidance to reach their real estate goals in the greater Seattle-Bellevue metro area.

Alex Krimkevich

“LDR: Strongly recommend. Always professional; ultra competent; excellent feel for the market.

Longer Version: I used Aaron as a buyer’s agent for a cross-country move from New York to Seattle. He worked with me on two dedicated house-hunting trips, and then again for two months after my family relocated. We had no prior knowledge of the area, so he ended up showing us both Seattle proper and the Eastside. It was a long process, so we feel well positioned to judge. We loved working with him for the following reasons:

A. Didn’t spend time convincing us what we should want. He took our preferences as given and worked to accommodate them.

B. Anticipated our needs. I initially visited Seattle without my wife and baby. Aaron was mindful of many “new mom” objections to things like noise, weird stairs, etc. I’m oblivious to this stuff, and he ended up being right on the mark. Saved me a lot of time.

C. Pushed back at useful times. Discouraged us from overpaying for certain properties (the subsequent sale prices proved him right), kept us realistic about potential renovation budgets and timelines. Where we insisted, he was happy to connect us with contractors, inspectors, arborists, etc for more detailed stuff.

D. Good negotiator. Kept the final deal alive in spite of buyer & seller stubbornness, smoothed over hurt feelings, and still managed to advocate hard for us.

E. Organized. On time to every showing; provided packets before our meetings summarizing the day ahead; stayed on top of the closing process, made sure that we, the bank, the title company, and the sellers hit deadlines.

F. Patient. When we started, we told him we’d be easy to work with, and I’m afraid we ended up on the difficult end of the spectrum. He showed us 70+ homes without complaint.

If/when we sell our home, we will have Aaron represent us.”

Cody Brown

“Aaron was the perfect kind of realtor. Straight-forward, hard-working, and a shrewd negotiator for us when the time came. Aaron took the right approach to finding a place we would like which is two equally important strategies:

1- Give us lots of options to view online, including some carefully  placed ones that may not have been initially on our radar. This was really important in helping us figure out exactly what we wanted.

2- He listened to us very well, took our feedback, and took action on it. Aaron was really honest with us about every place we visited, making sure we saw the highlights and the flaws. He was also very helpful in pointing us in the direction of experts who could tell us more about any specific work or questions we had about the structure or updates we were interested in for the property.

Lastly, Aaron was a killer negotiator. He was spot on with what he predicted he could do and very straight forward about what was realistic and what was not. I know we pushed hard and I feel like Aaron helped us get a great deal. I'd definitely work with Aaron again and trust him with helping us on any real estate purchases/sales in the future.”

He worked very hard...

第一次跟Aaron 看房是去年,刚过聖誕节后的一天,找了幾个中介都要往后幾天才能安排看房,只有Aaron 能當天安排,房源不多,他也尽量找了好幾个賣盘给我们看,非常勤奋。 


“The first time Aaron showed me homes was last year. We contacted several agents; but none of them were able to make any arrangements until days later, as it was the day after Christmas. Aaron was the only agent who managed to arrange showings, even though his resources were limited for the same reason. He worked very hard and tried his best to show us as many houses as possible.”

Yee Shan Koh

“We met Aaron again in March for a much more urgent search for a house, as we needed to find a place for our son to live in. With Aaron's help, we were able to find a house we wanted and closed the deal in four days. We had zero knowledge of the procedure for homebuying transactions in the U.S., and Aaron’s assistance was really helpful and appreciated. He listened to our needs, and secured the right house for us in a short time. He has strong ability to follow through and is an excellent real estate agent in Seattle. We certainly recommend him.”

Darrell Davis

“I'm a long-time real estate investor and landlord.  I worked with Aaron as both the buyer and as a seller.  Luckily, he is awesome at representing either side.  Aaron is an outstanding communicator. You will be updated regularly, and timely, on any development or issue. 

He is extremely knowledgeable about the local market so he won't waste your time by presenting properties that don't fit your wish list.  Aaron has a great sense of what properties should sell for, which makes him excellent at negotiating the best deal for you. 

He goes way beyond the usual agent to assist you, even if the best decision is not to buy (or sell).  He offered to do FaceTime tours for me of any property I wanted to view and he went to the building and planning department without my asking to fully research several properties I was interested in.

If you're looking for an agent to work with, just give him a call and the most important part of your real estate shopping will be done.”

Barbara & Bruno Turnon

“Between the two of us, my wife and I have sold several homes and worked with different real estate brokers. Some have been better than others, but we can easily say Aaron surpassed our expectations and we were very impressed by him on many levels. Aaron's attention to details is outstanding. For instance, he discovered the owners' use of parking spaces were not recorded correctly in the CCRs and followed through on having them updated. He also notified us there were some problems on our title report, which were unbeknownst to us. Both matters were brought to our attention prior to our listing the property and could have jeopardized the transaction at the 11th hour had Aaron not been so thorough. He is a meticulous planner who worked with us during every step of the way, including scheduling the key steps of his marketing strategy to fit our needs. As a result, there was never an unpleasant surprise. He also delivered timely and systematically what he committed to. We greatly appreciated his patience in handling our many inquiries and the timeliness of his responses. He always got back to us within the hour and often within minutes, no matter the day of the week. Finally we love the way he kept us informed on a regular basis from the beginning to the end of the selling process. He is a real estate professional you can trust completely and we would highly recommend him!”

Thomas Caudill

“I am an out-of-state investor. I relied entirely on Aaron to locate a local residential investment property and to assist me with the purchase. I couldn't have been happier with the result. Aaron was responsive to all my needs and always available (including evenings, weekends and even on his vacation). Aaron's experience and knowledge are beyond reproach and were indispensable. I would not hesitate to retain Aaron again as well as to refer others to him.”

Solomon Oh

“I had the pleasure of working directly with Aaron on a development acquisition. Throughout the transaction he was courteous, stayed in constant communication with us and tied up loose ends that could have delayed closing.

His commitment to his client was demonstrated as he continued to scour the Seattle, Bellevue and Kirkland markets for like-kind investments for his clients to replace.

If a 1031-exchange is in your near future, I would have no qualms about recommending Aaron to facilitate the process.”

Dr. Mike & Cheri Farley

“My wife and I are not usually accustomed to lavish praise on someone who performs the duties of their job as expected, but when we receive service that we deem above and beyond the call of duty, we feel compelled to tell someone.  This is the case with our experience with Aaron Freeman of Realogics Sotheby's International Realty. For the past several months Aaron has worked tirelessly to facilitate the sale of our rather unique home. Mr. Freeman took the time to understand our situation and offer solutions that truly made a difference in how we presented our offering.  He conducted himself in an interested, professional, and caring manner with the demeanor of a friend helping a friend, even though we had never met Aaron prior to selling our house.  We sincerely want him and everyone to know that his efforts are much appreciated and that a simple "Atta Boy!" is not enough to recognize the actions he took on our behalf. It is because of Aaron's determination and skill that he was able to find common ground between buyer and seller that resulted in a sale that was truly a win-win for both parties.

His upbeat attitude and communication skills made working with Aaron a pleasure. He consistently asked what he could do to serve us better as he met our needs and seemed to work tirelessly, virtually 24-7. It was no surprise that one consultant mentioned to us that we were associated with the hardest working realtor in the business.

Pressure does not diminish Aaron's ability to get results. He is able to anticipate needs and has the knowledge to contribute to any unusual situation. After hearing it several times we soon learned that Aaron means it, when he says, "Don't worry. I'll take care of that." His years of experience, love for the profession, and understanding of the business would make him a tremendous asset to anyone's team. Mr. Freeman proved to be an accomplished partner in the business of selling our home utilizing his understanding of what makes people tick.

Aaron's energies are now concentrated on finding our new home and it is very clear he is equally skilled on either end of a real estate transaction. It should be clear by now that we highly recommend Aaron Freeman for all your real estate needs, as we are delighted with the results he has orchestrated and feel that we have a trusted friend in the real estate business that we can rely on for our present and future real estate needs.”

Frank & Jennie Carucci

“A standing ovation for our stellar Sotheby’s real estate agent Aaron Freeman!

He truly rolled out the red carpet for us! We felt as if we were treated like family and our house truly felt like a million dollar mansion! Thanks to Aaron’s marketing expertise our house was nominated for “House of the Day” and voted “House of the Week” in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Aaron’s knowledge and wisdom have guided us through every step of the selling process. He did all the hard work needed to bring in a whopping TEN offers on our house! He made the experience effortless for us. His commitment to help us reach our goals was proven all the more evident by his excellent communication style and his grand vision for the home. 

We believe that Aaron is the “Cadillac” of realtors and his company is second to none. We interviewed at least four other agencies and none of them offered us the commitment and excellence of customer service we received from Aaron. His knowledge of the market and assurance in the selling process gave us the confidence we needed to successfully close the sale of our house. 

On more than one occasion Aaron said to us “I want to knock your socks off”.  Well, Aaron, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

We have a special place in our hearts for Aaron and will cheerfully continue to promote him. In fact not only has he helped us sell our home but he will also help us with the purchase of our future home as well.

Aaron thank you for a spectacular job well done. You truly do know how to make miracles happen! 

You’ve made our dreams come true! God Bless.”

Gregory Fisher

“My wife and I were first time home buyers, intimidated by the crazy Seattle market. Aaron was the ideal agent to work with - he is incredibly informed about the market, patient, and hard-working. He went above and beyond with our offer, and advocated for us with the seller and everyone else involved, both to get our offer accepted and to get what we needed during escrow and even after the sale was finalized. Above all, he is a caring person who supported us through the very stressful experience - calling us late at night to check in, and confidently reassuring us along the way. We couldn't have done it without him.”

Takayo Ederer

“Aaron represented us in our recent purchase of a single family home. He was patient and responsive throughout the entire process. Never did we feel rushed, or pressured. Aaron was always available to show a property and whenever we had questions he was happy to find the answer. Aaron is a real estate agent who truly has his clients best interest at heart. I highly recommend his services.”

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Josh & Frances McIvor

“Aaron was a fantastic partner in finding our house. We never questioned his integrity.  We viewed several homes and Aaron spent more time pointing out potential issues and costs than trying to sell.  We really felt as if he was on our side.  During our transaction, he went above and beyond the call of duty including going to the city offices to pull historical records of the house and building restrictions of neighbouring homes.  He really project managed the sale.  He built a great rapport with the listing agent, recommended a great inspector, came to the house at 7 am to manage the sewer scope and ensured the mortgage approval process was on track.  Plus he's a really nice, sincere guy.  Very highly recommend.”

Michael Recine

“We were very lucky to find Aaron for our West Seattle home purchase. He definitely goes above and beyond for his clients. As first time home buyers, we were a bit anxious given the competitive nature of the Seattle market. Aaron made the process stress free. He has such a wide range of knowledge about the market and is truly an expert negotiator, which is an absolute must in this market. We were new to Seattle and Aaron’s knowledge of the area and housing market was indispensable. He spent so much time getting us acquainted with the many neighborhoods of Seattle until we finally settled on West Seattle. Even after his job was done, he sent us recommendations of nearby stores, restaurants, and other services to help us become better acquainted with our new community. We would definitely recommend Aaron and plan to work with him again in the future.”

Carey Spence

“Aaron is one of those guys who makes you feel like you're his only client - in the best way possible. He's very proactive, but not in an annoying way, and made time to show me places whenever I was available and/or needed some real estate advice. Never did I feel like I was one of many clients he was working with. As a first time buyer, he helped me refine what I was truly looking for and helped me understand the realities of trying to make a purchase in the Seattle market without making me feel like it was beyond my reach. He provided expert counsel and moral support through a number of offers that were ultimately rejected because I couldn't compete with all cash offers, and when we did finally snag the perfect place, he pointed me to some high quality contractors who turned that round-around-the-edges gem into exactly what I was looking for.  I would highly recommend Aaron on all the levels.”

Jane Spindel

“If you are a person that likes to work with someone that does what they say they will do, gets back to you right away, walks you through every issue and is a very nice intelligent professional, then Aaron Freeman is the Realtor for you. I am a senior woman and over the years I have sold several  homes. Unreservedly, I can state that Aaron is the best agent I have worked with. He told me what I needed to do to prepare my home for sale, scheduled and supervised the photos, scheduled the home inspection and had me order appropriate condo documents. He said if we did all this prior to putting the home on the market it would sell in about a week at a top price and close in about 30 days. I completed my portion and left town for my grandson’s graduation in Texas. My condo sold in a week for a very high price and closed in a month. Aaron’s negotiating skills are phenomenal. I received way more than the asking price. I can truthfully say I was astounded! My daughter & son-in-law recommended Aaron because of the excellent work he had done helping them sell their home and buy a new one. I would highly recommend Aaron for buying or selling a home. He is the best.”

Elysha Zamora & Bill Brown

“Aaron was a professional through and through. He went above and beyond every step of the way, and helped us sell our Shoreline house quickly. We appreciated that he was available day and night to answer questions and calm fears. He also walked us through the whole process and made it simple. We will be using him to purchase our next home and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to friends.”

Amber Franz & Tee Bahnson

“We have been very impressed with Aaron!  He is personable, responsive, and competent, with an amazing knowledge of the real estate business.  He dedicates himself to his clients and works incredibly hard.  He is a true professional.  Thank you Aaron for finding us a fabulous home in this intensely competitive market!”

Cora Miller

“Even though Aaron Freeman and I never met, we completed a sale of my house in Ballard in Seattle while I resided in Arizona. The emails, phone calls and texts let us proceed with the completion and I trusted his onsite judgement and knowledge. Aaron's being well acquainted with the Seattle  investors and builders kept good competition to get me a very gratifying sale price. I am very satisfied with all his efforts and expertise.”

Dr. Bridgid Crowley & Joseph Vidal

“As first time home buyers we did not know what we were getting ourselves into. Aaron guided us through the entire process with ease. He sent us new listings regularly,  scheduled home viewings, quickly arranged inspections, did an extraordinary job with escrow and the lender on our behalf, and seamlessly navigated the closing process. He was knowledgeable, professional, and very personable.

One of the biggest assets was Aaron's availability for any questions or concerns that we had. From our perspective things could not have gone any smoother. We will certainly recommend Aaron to any of our friends and family. If we ever need an agent in the future Aaron will be our guy.”

Francesca & Brian Perry

“As first time home buyers, Aaron was exactly the real estate agent that we needed. He helped us navigate the crazy Seattle market and kept us sane through the ups and downs of trying to find our dream home. We were always informed and we always felt comfortable asking him questions throughout the  process. Thanks to him, we now have a foothold in the growing market and we couldn’t be happier with our amazing new home.”

Rich & Betsy Humphrey

“Aaron did a great job of marketing our property in Anacortes. He was creative in his marketing approach and was able to provide a very good perspective on our lot. I appreciated Aaron's professionalism and seriousness in his approach. I would highly recommend Aaron and would use him in the future. Best of all the lot was sold!”

Stephanie & Eric Guity

“Aaron was so helpful during the process of finding our new home. He listened to what we wanted as buyers and was able to find many great options in a tight market. We were very impressed by Aaron's dedication, insightful information, and ability to network with other strong professionals. Due to his diligent work, we were able to find the perfect home! Thanks Aaron! I highly recommend Aaron for anyone looking to buy a home in the Seattle/Eastside Area.”

Dick & Linda LeBlanc

“Aaron's professionalism and attention to details in the sale of our condo was extraordinary! His input, advice and participation in upgrading the unit before sale resulted in a record sale price per square footage. I would highly recommend him to anyone selling or buying in our market.”

Jay & Sheri, Megan & Drew Campbell

"We closed on our purchase of a historic home in Fort Lawton last week.  That we are able to call Montana Circle our home is an honor, a privilege, and a joy.   We are, quite frankly, humbled by it.  

That it has come to be, involved a whole lot of good fortune, the most crucial of which was our chance meeting of Aaron at a Fort Lawton Sotheby’s open house in mid-January.   From that point on the process became dramatically less about good luck and more about professionalism.  We are convinced that, without Aaron’s deep commitment to make this happen for us, his preparation, anticipation, ingenuity, and thoroughness, we would not have been standing in our furniture-less dining room toasting to our “new” Montana Circle home on this drop-dead beautiful Sunday afternoon.   What a day to be at Discovery Park, and what a day to be home!  

We know we are lucky, and we also know, and appreciate, that our good luck with respect to Fort Lawton largely began the day we met Aaron.  If you are considering buying on Officer’s Row, or anywhere in Seattle, we strongly recommend you meet Aaron too.  He literally converted our dream into reality."

The Hardman Family (Buyers at Fort Lawton in Discovery Park)

"We discovered Aaron Freeman by accident, and hope our story will help others chose him intentionally.

My wife and I were married 18 years ago in Discovery Park. The park was special to us as a place of refuge, recreation and beauty long before our marriage, and has continued to be a key part of our lives with our family and children.

We met Aaron while visiting an open house at Fort Lawton, and as he showed us around, we shared our story. We loved the homes, but when we heard they were going on the market in a few days, we couldn’t imagine how it would be possible to make an offer. Aaron believed he could make it happen for us. We took a leap of faith and trusted him to lead us through a quick process. Somehow, he never made us feel rushed.

Aaron helped us settle on the unit type and then strategized on which specific home to put an offer in on. He was able to recommend several mortgage brokers, and get us a pre-approval letter in less than two days. Then, amazingly, he brought us the home. From dream, to what if, to it's yours in three days!

Of course, that’s when the real work started- we needed to bring our house to market and sell for maximum price- quickly.

Again, Aaron delivered! He worked with us to find out what made our home and neighborhood unique. He was able to understand why our specific block was special and marketed to exploit all the best of our home. Aaron worked with my wife to price the home and set the sales strategy. Wow, on the market one weekend of an open house blitz and offers reviewed on a Wednesday. He sold our home with less than a week on market- for well over asking.

What was most special about this was I had to leave town for training for a week right at the start of everything. I was at a secure facility and had very limited communications. When I was able to call and get email, Aaron had everything lined up- secure e-signatures, a photo shoot of our home, sewer inspections and keeping my wife informed and happy. Aaron pulled through for us in a way I never could have expected, because everything he did was beyond what I knew possible.

As I said, we got lucky. Here’s hoping this helps you chose a first class professional that I know will exceed expectation.”

Ken Bryan (First Buyer at Fort Lawton in Discovery Park)

I was really impressed by Aaron's tireless energy and by his devotion to me as a client. Aaron is a strategic thinker and a detailed implementer. We were in a competitive situation and he helped me think through different strategies, market dynamics, and possible outcomes. He led me carefully through the minefield of offering documents and made critical recommendations on many specific points. During the entire process he spoke with me every day (sometimes several times a day), anticipated every issue, and made sure all the i's were dotted and t's were crossed. Through it all he maintained a great perspective and sense of humor. With Aaron's guidance, I was fortunate to be the first buyer to close on a historic home at Fort Lawton. I would work with Aaron again any time!

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Diane Knisely

“Can't say enough about how awesome Aaron is to work with. If you or anyone you know are in the market, definitely reach out to Aaron. He has great instinct and is very knowledgable about market conditions. I am the type of person who asks a lot of questions and needs reassurance in big decisions, and he was able to earn my trust through his style and approach, which is honest and not totally sales focused. Communication was also a huge plus - Aaron is very responsive and kept me at ease. 
Not only did Aaron advise against homes that didn't feel right to him, he also comes with a strong team of people to lead you through this difficult process. I can't say enough about how awesome the inspectors and lending partner were - honest and good, helpful people who really care about their clients. I'm thrilled with the home I purchased. Thanks Aaron!”

Phil Mazzaferro, Senior Mortgage Advisor, Absolute Mortgage

“I have been in the industry for the last 25 years and Aaron is as good as I have ever worked with. He is available, hardworking, and really understands the process of getting things done in this crazy market. I have found him to an extremely gifted negotiator, which is a quality that you need to be a top agent in the Seattle area.”

April, Todd & Milo

“Aaron is simply amazing. My husband and I recently moved with our young son to the Seattle area from Southern California. We were looking for a home on the East Side (Bothell, Woodinville, Kenmore) in the Northshore School District and Aaron was such a great help to us. First, his knowledge of the Seattle area real estate market is incredible. He clearly demonstrated his market expertise and honesty by steering us out of what would have been a bad investment. He did his research and determined that the home was way overpriced, and he was right! Second, he found us our dream home in the area we wanted and made it happen for us in a multiple offer situation. He worked tirelessly and in the end it paid off! 

Thank you so much Aaron for your hard work and dedication to our family in finding us our beautiful home. You made what could have been a very stressful few months looking for a home in a seller's market seamless and easy. I highly recommend Aaron as a realtor--he is simply the best!”

Justin Dimler

“Aaron Freeman was an amazing asset to our home purchase. His negotiation skills and knowledge of the market is unparalleled. He was extremely attentive throughout the process and even post closing checked in to make sure everything was running smoothly. We're planning on purchasing more properties in the future and will definitely be using Aaron for those transactions. If you are looking for white glove service from a true real estate expert look no further than Aaron Freeman…”

MacEwan & Brenda Cuthbertson

“We just closed on a SLU condo and Arron was a great help throughout the process. He checked in and up on all the parties involved and kept us abreast of developments. He was on the ball 24/7 and his knowledgeable and easy going demeanor was a welcome comfort.  Thanks Aaron!”

Olga Kaminskaya

“We were new to Seattle area and home buying process. Aaron really made the process easy for us – he showed us all the options we were interested in and we were able to place our first bid and won only after 2 weeks of our search. He took care of all the paper work, connected us with the mortgage company, insurance company and local contractors. It is pleasure doing business with Aaron, he is very friendly and responsive, strongly recommend his services!”

Bo Russell

“Aaron sold our property in Westlake.  He promoted it so well the offer came in over asking, and even came in well over the average price per square foot in the area.  In addition to creating value he got the job done quickly.  I don't think another agent could have performed as splendidly as he.”

LD & George Hansen

“We received exemplary service levels from Aaron with the sale of our home. Aaron’s expertise in selling our home was exceptional. It sold in 3 days! Aaron’s online and social media marketing skills also attracted additional prospects to our property. His negotiation and communication skills were excellent as we navigated through the contract with the buyers of our home. We would highly recommend working with Aaron for your real estate needs!”

Catherine & Will Naylor

“Catherine and I asked Aaron to be our listing agent for the sale of two of our homes. The listings totaled more than $1,200,000. The larger home was under contract in three weeks at close to the listing price.  The other house was being rented and the tenant had a baby while Aaron was trying to show it.  Scheduling showings was difficult, but Aaron worked hard to prevent any hardship and still do his job.  Aaron is a very knowledgeable broker and both sales went off without hitch.”

Charles Bludworth

“In 2014, Aaron helped my family purchase property with waterfront.  Throughout the process, Aaron was very helpful and professional.  When the appraisal came in, the market value was quite a bit less than the contract price.  Aaron went to bat for us and negotiated a lower price just days before closing.”

Will Ko

“Aaron was prompt, highly efficient, and most importantly: very memorable. Of my many years working with different agents, Aaron is my most favorite to date. I look forward to working with him on future deals!”

Daniel & Maureen Lewis

“Just want to thank you again for the help in finding, negotiating, testing, and, purchasing our house. The property was listed for $265,000 and we went into contract at $230,000 and further renegotiated the sales price down to $210,000. The property appraised at $263,000!”

Martha Gene McDavid Newman

“I have been through numerous real estate transactions and I can wholeheartedly endorse Aaron as being a fantastic advocate throughout the process. Every step of the way he was taking care of our interests and he was able to get us a great deal on our dream property. We were new to the area and really had no idea of all that would be involved, yet with Aaron at the front all the i's were dotted and t's were crossed. With his broad experience in the market he anticipated and resolved every issue before it was able to become problematic. Even after the sale was closed and the checks were cashed, Aaron has made sure to remind us of various deadlines, and he has kept in touch as a good friend as well. I will continue to recommend him as being a wonderful realtor and terrific person.”

Tom Lamb

“My wife and I met Aaron randomly at an open house, we weren't seriously looking at the time. We hit it off and I think we both knew coming out of our initial meeting that he would help us buy our next house. We kept in touch and sure enough about a year later with our first baby well on the way Aaron found us our dream property. He advocated for us and got us a great deal in a seller's market. We even got some assistance at closing to allow us to transition our existing home into a rental property. Our experience couldn't have been better. Thanks, Aaron for all you've done for us.”

Larry Calderon

“My family and I have worked with Aaron over the past several years buying and selling properties. He helped my brother and I purchase our first home and five years later helped us sell our home just before the down turn. Since then, my wife and I and my brother had his family have purchased homes from Aaron. During our transactions (purchase/sale) with Aaron was always in constant communication, honest, attentive to our needs and wants. My wife and I are in the process of looking for a new home and there is no one else I would let handle one of biggest purchases you'll ever make.”

Phil Anderson

“I met Aaron when looking to purchase my first property. I didn't know where to start, but he took me under his wing and provided much needed guidance and support. I started out searching for undeveloped land, then progressed to resale houses, and ultimately settled on a new construction home that I absolutely love. Throughout the lengthy process (almost 1.5 years) Aaron always made himself immediately available and provided relevant data for me to digest. I would recommend Aaron to anyone looking to purchase property. Let him show one house to you and you'll understand.”

Chris Jose Diaz

“As a photographer in Real Estate, I work with a lot of Realtors. Aaron stands out as a real service-oriented businessman - eager to listen to the needs of his client. I have worked with Aaron as he developed innovative strategies to market homes for sale, and heard from other agents that work with him on his search for properties for his buyers - he always uses his strong network of professionals in real estate to the ensure the best experience for his buyers and sellers.”

Melissa Pfanenstiel

“Aaron Freeman was our realtor when we purchased our house. I drug him all over town showing me houses for months. He was so wonderful and patient. He really listened to what I thought of different houses to try and help me find the perfect one. I am so grateful to him and I love my house.”

Cheri Glover Smith

“I had the pleasure to work with Aaron on his closings through Independence Title Company. He was always professional and on top of his files. His attention to details was unmatched. He down to earth personality and professionalism make him the perfect choice as a realtor!”

Travis Gendreau

“I met Aaron while he was showing another property. I instantly wanted him to be my agent. He was very attentive to my needs as a buyer and was always available. He helped me find the perfect home!”

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