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LAST 3 Fort Lawton Homes Available at Discovery Park!

Out of hundreds of interested home buyers, I was successful in securing reservations for 2 families on Officer's Row at ‪FortLawton (the "Presidio of Seattle") in Seattle's largest city park-534 acres, Discovery Park.

Only 3 of these 13 historically modern homes are available!  Please contact me for details regarding the release of these last legacy properties in the Fort Lawton Historic District.






RISE Properties Announces Reservation Process for Officer's Row

The last thirteen residences on Officer's Row at Fort Lawton present an opportunity like no other to live in an authentic, landmark community surrounded by the natural beauty of Discovery Park. The offering of these homes is unparalleled in the county, let alone a single listing in Magnolia or the greater Seattle area, which is why we created the Officer's Club in preparation for the summer sales debut.

The Officer's Club is a tailored program for qualified homebuyers (and their brokers) to receive priority sales information, gain preferred access to private events, and participate in the Officer's Row reservation process. Through this program we intend to provide exceptional service to people like you who have shown the most interest in these homes, before advertising draws others in for their first look.

While we recognize that a distinct reason for joining the Club is for access to the early reservation process, we encourage you to take full advantage of the informational events as well. RISE Properties (Fort Lawton) Limited Partnership ("RISE Properties") could have designed a sales process that only maximizes profits, but that is not our goal. We believe that these stately homes deserve the type of stewardship that will ensure their historic integrity for another century.

Hence, the primary purpose of the Officer's Club is to give each prospective buyer ample time to learn about owning and living in one of these unique residences, well in advance of the Reservation Event.

* As a reminder, RISE Properties is hosting a Landmark Event this Saturday, May 21st, focusing on the history of each home and the advantages and limitations of landmark status. In addition, a second Design Preview Event has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 24th.


RSVP for the Landmark Event

RSVP for the Design Preview Event



In planning for the Reservation Event, it has been important to RISE Properties that every prospective homebuyer is treated equally in a fair and transparent process. To that end, prospective buyers who would like to participate in the Reservation Event are required to have completed the following steps:

  • By June 1st - Join the Officer's Club; and
  • By June 4th - Provide documentation of a lender's pre-approval or sufficient funds for a cash purchase; and
  • By June 6th - Meet with Fort Lawton listing broker, Stephanie McMahon or Fort Lawton buyer's agent, Aaron Freeman to discuss your preferences and value expectations. There will be no pricing available at the June Reservation Event; Officer's Row homes will be priced upon completion beginning in July 2016. Reservations will be address-specific.

By June 1st, RISE Properties will provide the Reservation Agreement, Purchase & Sale Agreement and any addenda to qualified Officer's Club members for review. We want prospective buyers to have as much insight and information as possible prior to the Reservation Event on June 8th. 


Much deliberation has gone into the reservation process and event. As stated, RISE Properties wants this to be a transparent and equitable process. At the Reservation Event, each prospective homebuyer (households are treated as a single buyer) will be given thirteen personalized tokens. Attendees will be invited to privately place their tokens in address box(s) of their choice.

This is where you influence the outcome. Every buyer is unique and he/she has the opportunity to place anywhere from zero to thirteen tokens in an address box. For example, if an attendee is only interested in the Ellicott plan, they may decide to place all 13-tokens in one Ellicott box or divide their tokens among the two Ellicott address boxes. Or if a prospective homebuyer is drawn to the Prosch plan, he/she may drop all of their tokens in one address box, or divide their tokens among any of the eight Prosch addresses.


After all guests have deposited their tokens, we will hold a drawing for reservations. Following the same sequence as the release order of the homes, we will draw names for each address. The first name drawn will be the first reservation holder. There is a limit of only one "first position" per buyer, so please plan before the event. After all the first positions have been drawn, we will start the sequence again to determine the second position and so on. If an attendee's token is drawn again for first position, they will have the option of releasing their prior first for the latter address. Prospective buyers may hold a maximum of three reservations, only one of which may be a "first position."

As names are drawn, they will be announced to the group, and we will have a private area to answer questions and formalize all agreements that evening. Deposits will be required within two business days of executing the reservation agreement ($10,000 for first position, $5,000 for second or third position). Deposit funds are held in escrow, and are fully refundable should the reservation holder not enter into a purchase and sale agreement on the reserved home. 

If you cannot attend the event, you may send a proxy with your power of attorney. Simply let Stephanie or Aaron know in advance of the event. The dinner is only for Officer's Club members, their broker and/or proxy.

We will not be taking any reservations prior to the event (there are two existing reservations in place with previous rental residents).

As residences are completed, reservation holders will be invited to privately tour their reserved home. We will begin with the first reservation holder, whom after the tour has three business days to sign a purchase agreement. If that reservation holder does not purchase the home, we will contact the second reservation holder for a private tour and so on.

Based on our experience at Montana Circle, we know how to price these homes, and reservation holders will have the first right of purchase without any competition. Fort Lawton is a very special project and we are more interested in finding passionate homebuyers than maximizing profits. When a purchase agreement is signed, we will notify the other reservation holders for that address.

We have no doubt that you may have questions, which is why we wanted to reiterate the prequalification information and share our deliberative process for the Reservation Event. After selling the homes at Montana Circle, we learned that our new homeowners are as unique as the Fort Lawton homes themselves. Their enthusiasm for these residences, as well as the park, has made us even more passionate about building this new community.

For additional information, please contact me today!




Officer’s Club Prospective Homebuyers Invited to Preview Design Events

May 9, 2016 -  Prospective home buyers who have joined the Fort Lawton Officer’s Club were invited to an interior design preview of the much-anticipated stately homes on Officer’s Row in Discovery Park on April 26th. This preview was the first in a series of Officer’s Club events designed to provide qualified buyers (and their brokers) with priority access to property information. In order to accommodate the number of interested buyers, The Homes at Fort Lawton will be holding a second design preview on May 24th.  For those who are not a member of the Officer’s Club it’s not too late to join and RSVP.  

At the first event, Officer’s Club members mingled in the downtown offices of GGLO with appetizers and refreshments while having the opportunity to hear from the developer and world class interiors team about the specialized nature of restoring these legacy residences. The soiree allowed for guests to view design boards, interior materials, and casually converse with the design team.

“These homes are extraordinary and we’ve waited a century for them to come to market, and now we’re just a few months away from experiencing them in their fully restored grandeur,” said Gary Blakeslee, Vice President for RISE. “I want potential buyers and their brokers to have behind-the-scenes experiences while they learn more about Fort Lawton and our design approach.”

Guests learned about the Colonial Revival architecture, which was common for important buildings built around the turn of the 19th century, and is perhaps best reflected in Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello or George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate. The team also shared their impressive vision for how to honor history while designing for modern day lifestyles. They shared design secrets such as converting excess bedrooms into walk-in closets and voluminous master bathroom retreats - and much more. Learn more about the design specifics of Officer’s Row, here

“With Montana Circle we learned that almost all of our homebuyers had not been actually in the market for a new home,” said Stephanie McMahon, Community Sales Director for The Homes at Fort Lawton. “However, they were so passionate about the opportunity to own a legacy home in the midst of a natural park setting that they moved quickly. Knowing that Officers’ Row is the last offering of residences at Fort Lawton, we have created the Officers Club as a very personalized sales process to allow prospective buyers more time to make decisions. I will be working closely with each prospective buyer, and their broker, as they explore the opportunity of owning a once-in-a-century residence in Seattle’s premier park.”

The Officer’s Club is a members-only program where prospective homebuyers at Fort Lawton are invited to events and will have an opportunity to place a reservation on a home on June 8th, 2016. Reservation holders are then provided ample time to prepare their current home for sale, organize mortgage financing and generally position themselves for a closing on Officer’s Row with the confidence and comfort of knowing they are protectedin this opportunity without fear of multiple offers or price escalation.

“We understand most buyers are not going to engage in the sales process or otherwise sell their existing home unless they know they are provided a first right of opportunity to purchase on a selected home at Officer’s Row,” added McMahon.  “Our reservations provide this security while our Officer’s Club events offer enriching experiences to fully understand and appreciate the possibility of living at Officer’s Row.”

Prospective homebuyers need not wait for upcoming events to learn more about Officer’s Row as Sales Director Stephanie McMahon, and her assistant Lorraine Rotanelli, are available daily to answer questions. In addition, Aaron Freeman, also with Realogics Sotheby’s Int’l Realty, is an onsite buyers’ agent and listing broker for existing home sales for those interested in a turnkey solution.

To attend the events you must be a member of the Officer’s Club.

Please contact me today to learn more about the Officer's Club and how to join!



The Officer's Club Members Learn About Restoration Process At First Official Design Event

On Wednesday April 27, the Homes at Fort Lawton team hosted the first of many exclusive members-only Officer's Club events! Located at the GGLO design offices, prospective buyers got the chance to view the official design palette and restoration process of the homes soon-to-be-released at Officer's Row.

Future events will delve deeper into design and restoration specifics, explore the history of Fort Lawton and what it means to live in a nationally landmarked neighborhood, and offer a reservation process prior to the public sales debut.

Contact me today for more information on the Officer's Club and the opportunity to attend one of these exclusive preview events!



Exclusive Officer's Club Preview Events Begin April 26th; First Salon Event Will Highlight Design

Last Thursday, a collective of representatives from the Fort Lawton sales and development team convened at GGLO to prepare for the first in a series of exclusive salon events available only for Officer’s Club members: the Design Preview. On April 26th, members will gather in an intimate environment to converse with the interior design and development team, review and compare floorplans, and examine finishes and appliances while they eat, sip and ask questions. The evening will be framed by discussions from key development team members including Michael Wishkoski, Principal GGLO; Kimberly Frank, Principal GGLO; Mark Sindell, Principal, Director of Business Development; and Jennifer Stormont, Lead Residential Designer for The Homes at Fort Lawton.

Future events will delve deeper into design and restoration specifics, explore the history of Fort Lawton and what it means to live in a nationally landmarked neighborhood, and offer a reservation process prior to the public sales debut.

Please contact me for more information on the Officer's Club and how to join.



Montana Circle is Sold Out; News Met with Reception of Media Accolades

Representing the buyers of three of the now sold out Montana Circle homes, I am the top-selling buyer's agent at Fort Lawton with a track record of performance, trust me with your approach and purchase of these collectible homes. I’ll promptly respond to your questions and requests!

A press release from April 12th describes the recent sale of all thirteen homes at Montana Circle. The announcement was met with significant local media attention, as features in The Puget Sound Business Journal, the Daily Journal of Commerce and Curbed Seattle soon followed. As the press release reads: The developer of Fort Lawton, RISE Properties has announced that all thirteen homes at Montana Circle are sold. These new homeowners are the first private residents in the history of Fort Lawton. 

“We are currently pending on four properties with nine closed, said Gary Blakeslee, Vice President for RISE Properties. “In less than three-months, Montana Circle is effectively sold out and we are now working on the restoration of Officer’s Row, located up the hill from Montana Circle.”

The homes that have closed at Montana Circle sold for an average of $484 a square foot; sales prices have increased with each subsequent home release. There were four 2-bedroom and nine 3-bedroom homes for a total of thirteen legacy residences. All sold at or slightly above the listing price to owners who share a passion for the outdoors and historic residences.  

“The results demonstrate that we priced the homes correctly which was important to us,” added Blakeslee. “Fort Lawton is a real estate microclimate which certainly is influenced by market trends but at the end of the day, it's unique to itself. There is no other community like it in the city and our goal was to be successful in attracting residents who want to live at Fort Lawton and be stewards of these stately homes and Discovery Park. The community of buyers at Montana Circle are a great indicator going into sales debut of Officer’s Row this summer.”

 “I love historic homes because there is a lot of truth in the saying, “They don’t build ‘em like they used to,” said Ken Bryan, the first owner at Montana Circle.  “A historic house that has been thoughtfully renovated to modern living standards while preserving its original character is quite an accomplishment. I have been very impressed with the improvements behind the walls as well as the visible craftsmanship in these homes.”

Officer’s Row is now the last opportunity for homeownership at Fort Lawton. The collection of thirteen grand homes is a mix of classic colonial revival architecture, built in 1900.  While all the exteriors will be meticulously restored (per landmark guidelines) the homes’ interiors will be expertly renovated by a world-class design team, led by GGLO, with a nod to a contemporary lifestyle.  These residences range from 4,027 to more than 6,600 sq. ft. and will include a newly-built two car garage. All of the homes include expansive covered terraces that offer commanding views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountain Range. Rise Properties is serving as the master developer with a team of talented trade professionals. 

“Each officer’s quarter has its own unique personality and will only be offered for sale when fully renovated,” said Blakeslee. “We anticipate that the first home will be available in July 2016 and the last residences will be ready for sale by the end of this year. We have learned from Montana Circle that it’s a detailed restoration process and our commitment is to quality. We are meticulous when it comes to bringing these stately homes back to the future, so each release date will be determined by the renovation schedule.”

In preparation for the summer sales debut, Rise Properties has announced the Officer’s Club. The Officer’s Club is a tailored program for qualified buyers interested in purchasing one of the last thirteen homes at Fort Lawton. Members in the Officer’s Club will receive priority sales information, preferred access to private events on an invitation-only basis, and most importantly an opportunity to reserve a specific home at Officer’s Row before priced and released for sale.

Download the Press Release >>

“Following a successful public debut and tour of the Homes at Montana Circle, we are excited to commence the restoration and sales process at Officer’s Row,” said Stephanie McMahon, Community Sales Director at Fort Lawton. “Our unique Officer’s Club program is designed to be high-touch, enriching and convenient for qualified homebuyers seeking priority sales information in this limited residential opportunity.”

Please contact me to learn how to join the Officer’s Club and become a part of this exclusive community!

Marc Stiles of The Puget Sound Business Journal featured the homes in a piece entitled “Why this Seattle housing developer doesn’t want to whip buyers into a frenzy.” As Stiles outlines, the initial open houses and sales events at Montana Circle created a frenzy that discouraged potential buyers:  “’I think the serious buyers were confused or intimidated by the crowds, and fearful that the homes they wanted would go for hundreds of thousands of dollars above the asking price,’ said Gary Blakeslee, vice president for the developer, Rise Properties. ‘In the end, a lot of people didn’t make offers.’”

And while RISE Properties responded with less media attention and events, Stiles points out that “as counterintuitive as it sounds, it worked,” given that each of the first thirteen “closed sales were 10 percent above asking prices.”

Those looking to own a piece of history need only wait until this summer, and Stiles outlines the “Officer’s Club,” a members-only collective “whose members will be invited to ‘salon events’ to talk about the restoration and what it’s like living in a landmarked neighborhood.” While pricing is not final, Stiles says the homes will “be comparable on a square-foot basis to those that sold in the first phase” which means “prices for the Officer’s Row homes would be from more than $1.9 million to nearly $3.2 million.”

Download the Full Article >>

Curbed Seattle was thrilled to share the news as Sean Keeley reported that “All 13 Montana Circle Homes at Fort Lawton Sold Out.” While Montana Circle no longer offers opportunities for ownership, Keeley points out that “there’s still a chance to get in on Fort Lawton with the Officer’s Row homes.” He continues by describing the exclusivity of these soon-to-be-released properties, as “those thirteen homes date back to 1900 and they’ve been meticulously restored by GGLO and others.”

Read the Full Article >>

The Daily Journal of Commerce likewise shared in the announcement, in a feature entitled “First 13 homes at Fort Lawton sold; last 13 go on the market this year.” In the article, the Journal elaborates on the upcoming Officer’s Row homes, describing that “these houses range from 4,027 to 6,600 square feet. They will have new two-car garages and terraces with views of Puget Sound and the Olympics. Blakeslee said the first home in Officer’s Row will be available for sale in July, and all will be on the market by the end of the year.”

Please contact me to learn how to join the Officer’s Club and become a part of this exclusive community!



The One and Only Single-Family Residence at Fort Lawton Coming to Market!


The homes on Montana Circle are nearly sold out! We are pleased to report we are now pending, closed, or reserved on all but one final home in this charming enclave – the much anticipated Kierstedt plan

This inviting home, the only single-family residence on Montana Circle, comprises 3 bedrooms/2.5 bathrooms, and 1,995 sq. ft. of living space upon a large, 19,066-sq. ft. fee-simple lot. If you enjoyed touring the popular brick homes, you’ll be even more impressed by the sun-drenched utility of this floorplan, not to mention its daylight basement and expansive westerly park views. Nearly complete, we expect to list the Kierstedt for immediate sale on March 18, 2016 at around $1.1 million. 

Please join me in congratulating all of our new homeowners on Montana Circle. With new residents moving in every few weeks, this historic community has experienced a renaissance unlike any other neighborhood in Seattle.

This is your very last opportunity to own an heirloom home on Montana Circle, surrounded by 534 acres of nature reserve, yet only 5 miles to downtown. Click here to view the Kierstedt plan

I invite you to contact me directly with your questions.

PS The stately homes on Officer's Row are undergoing full restoration this spring, with our model home and sales center set to open in early July 2016. Opportunities to learn more about Officer’s Row will be announced immediately following the sale of the last home on Montana Circle.

I am the top-selling buyer's agent at Fort Lawton with a track record of performance, trust me with your approach and purchase of these collectible homes. I’ll promptly respond to your questions and requests!

View the lifestyle that living at Fort Lawton affords!



9 of 13 Homes at Fort Lawton's Montana Circle Have Sold; Four Closed

I am the top-selling buyer's agent at Fort Lawton with a track record of performance, trust me with your approach and purchase of these collectible homes. I’ll promptly respond to your questions and requests!
See Fort Lawton Testimonials

Please contact me today to schedule a private tour!

Just days following the announcement in The Seattle Times  that presales would be accepted on additional homes at Montana Circle, the sales team at Fort Lawton reports that 9 of 13 homes have found new owners. Four homes have already closed and five more are scheduled to close in the coming weeks as they are restored. Four homes remain available, including two Jenott Plans at 4410 and4412 Montana Circle, one Scheuerman Plan (the brick home) and the Kierstedt Plan (the single family home) . The Jenotts comprise 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and 1,675 square feet of restored living spaces priced at $819,000 and $829,000 respectively. The Scheuerman at 4406 Montana Circle is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home with a 8,886 sq. ft. fee simple lot and offered at $949,000.  The Kierstedt at 4415 Montana Circle is a 3+ bedroom, 2.5 bathroom residence sited on a large 19,066 sq. ft. fee simple lot but has not been released for sale (reservation pending). 

“We are delighted to report strong interest in these beautiful homes,” saidStephanie McMahon, the Community Sales Director with Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty. “We welcome these families to this unparalleled community. Together, we’re making history.”

McMahon is confident the remaining homes at Montana Circle will be sold and substantially occupied by February 2016 when the restoration team will move their attention to the homes at Officer’s Row. These grand homes have not yet been released for sale but a model home is scheduled to be delivered by Spring 2016.

Above: The historic Homes at Fort Lawton graced the cover of NW Homes, a publication of The Seattle Times.

“We are already working with prospective buyers for the homes at Officer’s Row,” adds McMahon. “It’s never too early to express your interest and plan ahead, especially if you have a home to sell. Several interested parties were not in the market for a new home until they experienced Fort Lawton and now they are seriously considering the opportunity.”

In addition to restoring the homes, the construction team recently completed the amenity area for Montana Circle, which features an outdoor plaza with covered seating, a fire pit, a children’s playground and a gated pea patch for homeowners to plant their own vegetables.

Above: The newly completed amenity area includes a fire pit, covered plaza, tot lot and pea patch.

Above: The homes at Montana Circle are all sold. Three presales at 4406, 4410 and 4412 Montana Circle remain and are scheduled for completion February 2016, followed by the single family home which has not yet been released for sale.



Sold! Seattle Times Announces First Sale at the Homes at Fort Lawton

Fort Lawton in Discovery Park opened 115 years ago and I’m proud to announce that I represented the buyer of the first sale! Please refer to my buyer-client’s testimonial.  Through my guidance, we outperformed the other competing offers. Please contact me if you want the keys to one of these historically modern homes within the largest 534 acre city park in Seattle.

Just as unique as the homes themselves are, so too is the first buyer, Ken Bryan. Bryan himself has an affinity for historic and iconic homes; he has never owned a home built after 1935. Currently residing in an Edwardian townhome built in 1910 in Cambridge, England, Bryan was immediately drawn to the historic value of the homes. Plus its location adds to the uniqueness: "You get the 534-acre park for free," Bryan said.

Buyers' Testimonials >>

Read the full article here >>



Now Pending! 4405 Montana Circle

I am proud to announce the pending sale of 4405 Montana Circle to a buyer that I am representing! Originally built in 1935, the Brick Homes at Fort Lawton are among the 26 heirloom properties that are undergoing extensive renovations to bring luxury living to 534-acres of Discovery Park parkland. A century in the making, this is a residential opportunity of a lifetime.  Interested to explore one of the remaining 22 homes soon to arrive to market?  As a Community Sales Associate representing buyers, I'm here to help. 

Coming to the market are two more of these historic treasures—4420 4422 Montana Circle arrive December 1st! 

4405 Montana Circle MLS | 3D Tour | Home of the Day 

Contact me to learn how to make a successful offer and soon you'll be living at Fort Lawton in Discovery Park!



Just Announced: Fort Lawton to Release Two Brick Homes on November 12th - Priced from the Mid $900,000s

Discovery Park, Seattle - In response to homebuyer requests, RISE Properties has decided to sell two landmark-status brick homes at Fort Lawton ahead of schedule.  Originally planned to be the last two residences offered for sale, 4405 and 4407 Montana Circle will now be listed on November 12th with offers to be reviewed by November 16th.  The homes are currently outfitted as a model home and the sales center for the Montana Circle community.

“I was really touched by the comments of prospective buyers who admire these restored homes – they respect the legacy of Fort Lawton, the nostalgia of these historic quarters, and are appreciative of the modern updates for a contemporary lifestyle within a heritage landmark,” said Gary Blakeslee, Vice President for RISE Properties. “By releasing these residences earlier, our future owners can celebrate the upcoming holidays in their new homes.” 

Blakeslee knows the allure firsthand as he recently had the opportunity to live at Fort Lawton over the summer with this family.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience we couldn’t resist, and it definitely reinforced our sensitive approach to development,” added Blakeslee. “It’s a phenomenal lifestyle proposition to live in a natural sanctuary so close to downtown Seattle.  Coming home to Fort Lawton is like living another day at the end of your day.”

Built in 1935, The Scheuerman plans are fully-renovated, light-filled brick homes, each offering three bedrooms, two and half bathrooms and approximately 1,995 square feet of interior living space.  Unique to Montana Circle, each residence also features an attached garage and is sited on large, fee-simple lots, surrounded by 534-acres of protected land in Magnolia’s Discovery Park.  The homes will be available for preview daily from 10am to 6pm, giving prospective homebuyers and brokers plenty of time to consider the opportunity. These two Scheuerman homes are anticipated to be listed from the mid $900,000s.

“We don’t want anyone to make a rushed decision,” stated Blakeslee.  “These are unique homes in a unique setting.  Nothing about this community is unattainable or gated, and we want our sales process to be the same way.” 

In addition, RISE Property Trust plans to sell two more homes in early December.The Allen plan at 4420 and 4422 Montana Circle will soon offer three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms with 1,976 square feet of living space.  Pending completion, the homes are anticipated to be listed from the mid $800,000s.  

These scheduled releases of the Scheuerman and Allen floorplans follow the recent pending sales of two Jenott floorplan homes that were released in late October. 

“It’s been only a few weeks since opening our model home but it’s clear that Fort Lawton is far more than an address,” said Stephanie McMahon, Community Sales Director withRealogics Sotheby’s International Realty. “RISE Properties has painstakingly preserved these collectable residences. They hired local, nationally recognized historians and passionate design professionals to elevate this collection. Interiors have been both preserved and re-envisioned for contemporary lifestyles that resonate with outdoor enthusiasts, history fans and stewards of Discovery Park. This is truly a new landmark neighborhood in-the-making unlike any other, anywhere.” 

ABOVE AND BELOW: These move-in-ready heirloom homes at Fort Lawton (shown above) have three-bedrooms and nostalgic yet modern open floor plans.  Even better, Discovery Park is your backyard.  

ABOVE AND BELOW: These move-in-ready heirloom homes at Fort Lawton (shown above) have three-bedrooms and nostalgic yet modern open floor plans.  Even better, Discovery Park is your backyard.  

In a refreshing contrast to present day market conditions, McMahon says that both price and passion are being considered when reviewing offers with the seller. Prospective homebuyers are encouraged to preview the model homes, become familiar with the purchase documentation provided, and to submit an offer that reflects their commitment. 

“Our goal at RISE Properties is to build sustainable communities, and at Fort Lawton we hope to attract a mix of residents who appreciate this living legacy,” concluded Blakeslee.  “This development is part of our legacy too. That’s why we are proud to offer purposefully attainable, locally-loved heritage homes. It’s really an honor to be restoring these residences at Fort Lawton for future homeowners.”

RISE Properties is pricing and listing each of the 13 homes on Montana Circle as they are completed.  In early 2016, once all Montana Circle homes have been sold, the restoration and sales teams will move up to the Officer’s Row neighborhood.  A full release schedule can be found



Encore Preview Event at Fort Lawton Draws 200+ Guests on Seahawks Sunday

On Sunday September 27th, more than 200 registered guests joined members of the Fort Lawton Sales Team for a special preview of the sales center and model home in advance of the public sales debut scheduled for Saturday, October 10th. This encore was a follow up to a series of events that took place over the previous week, including an initial preview weekend and a private reception hosted by Rise Properties in recognition of their broader development team.

As the opportunity to own one of twenty-six heirloom homes within Discovery Park comes into full view, the excitement is building toward the Grand Opening Sales Event. Local media has all been keen to follow the developing story, with recent media coverage by the Seattle Times, the Daily Journal of Commerce, the Seattle PI and King 5 TV, in addition to popular blogs such as UrbnLivn and Curbed/Seattle.

Brokers Aaron Freeman & Stephanie McMahon of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty address questions from visiting guests and prospective homebuyers alike in the model home

Brokers Aaron Freeman & Stephanie McMahon of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty address questions from visiting guests and prospective homebuyers alike in the model home

The profile of guests have been diverse, ranging from first time buyers and retirees to new families and empty nesters. The interest is overwhelmingly local, yet there are plenty of interstate and even international inquiries as these heirloom homes make their way to market.

“It’s an opportunity to own a piece of American history,” said Dean Jones, President & CEO of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty. “It’s inspiring to meet the guests and to hear their stories. Some have lived in the homes and many have fond memories of playing in Discovery Park as kids. I even met a family member who is a descendent of General Lawton – wow! All have such great respect for the legacy of Fort Lawton – the opportunity to also call this home is extraordinary.”